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Post date: 2004-06-25

Two weeks with Sarah Isabel

Sarah is doing great, she's gaining weight, eating and sleeping a lot. We've even been able to sleep some, Mommy and I. Mainly I :-}
We're delighted with our girl. Benjamin too. Everyone says that he'll be jealous but it hasn't happened yet. He's in love with his little sister and wants to hug and kiss her all the time. And that's a problem:

Benjamin caught some cold that all his neighbor friends had just in time for the arrival of Sarah into the world. Now we have to deny him the opportunity of getting close to his sister all the time, and the poor little fellow becomes frustrated and cries, but soon he becomes calmer and tries again. Not too long ago he had a mild ear infection too so he's going through a rough period, but always smiles and gets excited when he sees his baby Sarah.

Gma has been helping us tremendously the last couple of weeks. She's been feeding us really well, kept our apartment tidy and spent a lot of time bonding with her new grand-daughter. She goes back home tomorrow. Who will save us now?

Mommy is still recovering from the C-section. She's a lot stronger and mobile now. She even worked for little while on the computer. Sometimes she's half asleep but never fails Sarah with her nourishment, nor Benjamin who always needs his dose of Mommy. Every day I gain more respect for motherhood.

Daddy is the one doing great, heh. I help a little here and a little there, I sleep better than anyone else, and then I complain I don't have enough time to do my work, or to post an update here, or photos. Oh well. Oh, and speaking of photos, here a few recent ones for your enjoyment.

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