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April 2002 Archive


Rolled over!

Back to tummy. He had done it before but not absolutely unassisted and in one fluid movement. Now that he discovered he can do it... apparently now he cannot not do it. Oh Lord!


raising hell: a new genre in child-rearing.
It's all the stuff parenting magazines don't cover. It's the stuff that makes parenting fun.

Mh, looks interesting. Will explore further in the days ahead...


Four-month checkup

Our baby is in very good health and still growing a lot. Weight: 19 Lb 12.5 Oz (97th %), height: 26.75 in (97th %), head: 17.5 in (95th %). Dr. K was very pleased with Ben's progress and recommended that he continues feeding exclusively from Mommy's milk for at least another month. So we put on hold any plan for the introduction of solids to his diet.

During the whole event Benjamin was very happy and talking with everyone --even the doctor and nurses. Poor baby, he didn't know his good fortune was a about to take a sudden turn, without warning, for the worse... The moment finally came to give him his shots: Four of them (two per thigh) in rapid fire succession, as if from a machine gun. His happy face transformed right before our eyes into something resembling the reddest tomato, and it took several seconds before he at last let out a loud cry of pain. To witness such tragedy was extremely hard for us, and we felt like we had somehow betrayed him. It was horrible.

Immediately afterwards, Mommy took him outside and sang his favorite song to him: Raffi's "Over in the Meadow" from the Baby Beluga CD. When she got to ...the birdies three..., Ben was much calmer but still with some tears on his cheeks.

As consolation, we went to get us a couple of ice cream cones, while Ben calmly took a nap. When he finally woke up, he was again his good natured self.


A tooth

We had felt a bump on his lower gums several days ago and it was getting thinner. Today, as he's been doing so often lately, Benjamin was slobbering and sucking and biting on Mommy's finger. Then she felt something different: the bite had an edge. Ben's first tooth has come out.

Ben will be four months old in three days.


Acapulco here I come!

I just had to post a picture of Ben.


More kids say Internet is the medium they can?t live without.
If they could only have one medium or media technology, more children would choose the Internet, with television placing second and telephone third.


Watch your child's imagination take off with fun experiments.
Science sets have become slicker than Mr. Wizard's pate on a summer day, as manufacturers replace fusty packaging and desiccated directions with jazzy graphics, cool concepts and a vatload of bathroom humor.

Man, we're going to have so much fun when we can do these activities with our baby. I can't wait.

Why children are quick to learn.
Children are excellent English students who not only learn consistently faster than any other age group but also possess traits that are ideal for learning English.

Of interest to us as a bi-cultural family that will try to teach our son Spanish and English simultaneously.


He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!
Some more pictures of our wonderful little person, who is now three and a half months old. BIT's 3.5rd month.