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The 8 simple rules for dating my teenaged daughter.

Gotta keep this bookmarked.


[2001/12/10 @ 02:12:41] Becky wrote:
Hum...a girl? :-)
[2001/12/11 @ 04:12:30] Carlos wrote:
Oops. No, in theory we're having a boy this time. But we hope in a couple of years we'll try for the girl.
Besides, I want to break this tendency in my family where all my brothers have had only sons.
[2001/12/12 @ 03:12:16] Becky wrote:
A boy! That's wonderful!

I'd like to have a girl, too. Perhaps in a couple more years :-) But I don't have a girl, another boy would be nice. I'm in no hurry, though. Hehehe.
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