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August 2002 Archive


Ear infection
Aha, that explains why he was cranky the last couple of days. He's getting treatment now, so hopefully he'll be himself again very soon.


Our son has two new addictions: Wheels and bananas.

He's forgotten about his older vice: boxes. For the moment at least. Now he'll drool whenever he sees a stroller or anything with wheels on it. He dives down and starts manipulating and salivating all over them. Today he started literally eating the wheel (while Mommy wasn't watching) and suddenly his face was all covered in dirt. Yuck! I guess he's putting those antibodies to the test.

And bananas, oh yeah. To quote his new favorite book (Dinosaur Roar): Gobble, gobble, nibble nibble, munch munch SCRUNCH!

Diapers, gentle on the earth, and gentle on your baby.


Benjamin got up, all the way from lying on his back. Not to sitting, no sir, he has to stand and try to walk.

Daddy's back sez: shouldn't you wait another coupl'a months?


Let the record show that Benjamin appears to be suffering from Mom-itis these past few days.

Oh, and he's learned how to complain. Yes sir, in a rather annoying manner. As adorable as he is.

Lose pregnancy weight or face obesity.
Those who lost their pregnancy weight after six months had gained an average of 2kg by the time of the long-term follow-up. Women who did not lose their pregnancy weight gain by six months were 8kg heavier, on average, at long-term follow-up.


More progress
Ben pulled himself up to a standing position from sitting. Then, while holding to the railing, he went from one end of the crib to the other one.

He also pushed himself from being on his tummy to sitting, but he didn't even realize what he had done. So he can sit, he can stand, he so wants to walk... but he doesn't get himself to sit from laying down!