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February 2002 Archive


Babies and books.
Reading out loud is a wonderful way to nourish a child's developing brain.

Ben just loves it when we read to him (every night). His favorite at the moment? I'd say it's Dr. Seuss' Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? or maybe Sandra Boynton's Moo, Baa, La-la-la?

Teaching your children values.
Children need to value themselves and others for who they are, rather than what they have. This is a critical lesson of childhood that cannot be taught in a day or even a year.


What your baby should expect.
Parental milestones for the first year.


The distractible baby.
Latch on, suck a moment, pull off... latch on, suck a moment, pull off. Nurse a minute, pull away to smile at mom. Nurse a minute, pull away to see who just walked in the room. Nurse a minute, pull away to listen to the TV. Nurse a moment, pull away because the dog wagged his tail. Sound familiar??

A friend sent us this. Ben is showing signs of distraction...

So last night our baby went 5.5 hours from his good-night feeding to the next meal. That's not "sleeping through the night" yet but we got the longest uninterrupted sleep since he was born.

Downside? Oh, he exceeded his diaper's capacity, so for the first time also, he got his bed (a little) wet.



Yesterday Ben started to squeal in delight as I was talking to him. Of course that made us feel like squealing in delight ourselves. It felt great. Then today while he was awaiting for his bath, he started to kick back, lifting his side and pushing himself a few inches upward. We better watch him even more closely from now on.


Today Benjamín had his two-month checkup and immunizations.

He is 16 Lbs and measures 25 inches, above the 97th percentile on both counts for babies at two months of age. His head is 17 inches.

Now those vaccines, man did they hurt him, both mommy and I felt like slapping the nurse to get her off our son. All she could say was that Ben was very strong, because normally she doesn't need to apply herself to keep babies from moving. Poor baby cried a lot.

In short, he's healthy and doing great!


Our son is two whole months old now. Time to share a few recent pictures of him, and us.


Baby Exercise Tips.
First-rate deals on secondhand clothes.
Given the recent downturn in the economy, recycling children's clothing can be an attractive way to save money.

Ben got a lot of hand-me-downs, many of them won't fit him anymore and mommy is already sorting them out, to pass on to other coming babies. Ben also looks like a model baby when he wears many of the brand-spanking-new clothes we've got him. He's so cute.


Daddy fed Benjamin for the first time just now.

There was the doubt of whether our baby would reject the bottle, since he's been so against a pacifier. But apparently he could tell it was still his mother's milk he was getting, so he took it without complaints while Mommy watched nervously from a distance.


Whenever a phone solicitor calls in the middle of dinner, don't get sore. Don't slam down the receiver. Don't hang up. Just say three magic little words.


A question of sex.
In the past decade, research has repeatedly shown that, aside from cultural effects, there are undeniable genetic influences on male and female behaviour(s). Biology pushes certain behaviours. And we push biology. Which means that we still get to choose who we'll be when we grow up.


Nice date February 10 is.

Ben is eight weeks old today, and seven years ago Mommy and Daddy had their first date.


Remember Ben's first adventures with a pacifier about a month ago?

I hadn't mention that in the following days he would gladly take my (or mommy's) little finger and fall asleep right away, and wake up again when I took it out of his mouth.

Well, he's now -maybe- accepting (only) one of the many pacifiers he's got, for short periods of sucking when he's more than ready to go to sleep. The thing keeps falling out of his mouth, but at least he's more tolerant.

Also he seems to be a lot more vocal lately, he almost laughs, smiles a lot and is very, very, oh so very alert.


Jerry Hill Presents Names.
Find yourself, or loose yourself in names. Offers information about every aspect of names.
via that other BabyBlog.


A review of Having Faith.
How does being an environmentalist affect the decision to have a baby? And how does the environment at large affect the prenatal environment?