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January 2002 Archive


Ben is changing a lot.

He smiles all of the time: at us, the wall, the door, the couch, his mobile, the octopus on his play gym... And he's starting to talk to ALL (us, the wall, the door, the couch, his mobile, the octopus on his play gym) now, too!

He loves the little mirror on his play gym. He makes all kinds of nasal-y gaas, and some attempts at goos, and of course, his typical grunts and piglet squeals.

He's getting quite a second chin, yet the rest of him isn't pudgy at all. The hair on the top of his head all fell out, so now he looks like your typical old man with male pattern baldness. But, a thick coat of tiny new brisltes just popped out today, so maybe he'll be hairy again soon. Or maybe the rest of his hair will fall out and he'll look normal.

And, we just can't get enough of him. We could stare at him (and smell him) all day long and not get tired of it.


I couldn't put my finger on why, but Benjamin kept looking funnier and funnier.

Then it hit me. His diapers seemed more like tiny bikinis each time. Today he's been upgraded to No. 2 Huggies.


Baby's feeding schedule has been a total chaos the last couple of days. Too short and too frequent, or too infrequent but still too short, awake all night, not happy. WTF?

Concerned that he could even be losing weight, we stopped by the Pediatrician's and had him weighed. Phew, he's still gaining: 13 Lb 5 Oz. Just a growth spurt maybe, they say. He'll go back to a more reasonable schedule soon enough.

Benjamin loves to take a bath. What's not to like? Warm water and a team of slaves dedicated to pamper him.

Well, sooner or later it had to happen: while washing his face, all of a sudden a lot of water went right into his open mouth. He felt like choking. He panicked. Bath-time was over.

The next few minutes were spent trying to comfort him, to reassure him that everything was Ok, that these things happen unfortunately. He'll forget about it, eventually.


Oh no!
Benjamin goes to Hollywood.
Here's a QuickTime movie (30+ secs, 7.5 Mb) of our baby, sneezing, fussing, smiling.


Canciones de cuna.
A collection of Lullabies in MP3 and MIDI formats. The page is in Spanish. Here's one in English. And here's another page that provides links to many sources of Lyrics, MIDI, WAV files and even graphics baby-related.


A father's love--or the lack of it--contributes as much to the development of a child's personality and behavior as the love of a mother.
In certain instances, the love of a father plays an even more important role than that of the mother. Many studies found a father's love to be the sole determining factor when it came to a child's problems with personality, conduct, delinquency or substance abuse.

Ok, forget all I said about that anti-guy conspiracy in the previous post. We're equal now.

Baby talk may help master the language.
There has been some controversy swirling around about whether baby talk is good for your little one. Some have suggested that normal grownup talk is actually better for infants' speech development.

I had resolved to talk normally to our baby, in part as a reaction to the very obvious way Mommy modifies her voice when speaking to our son. Now it turns out that Mommy knows best. Sure, it must be part of a conspiracy. If not that, then why are we guys always wrong. Conspiracy I tell ya.

TV watching can actually enhance children's intellectual development.


Widow to Sept. 11 flight 93 hero gives birth to baby girl.
So a couple of nights ago, after it was perfectly clear our baby wanted to just suck (not feed), Daddy tried to give him a pacifier for the first time.

Benjamin took it for a few seconds, then started to make all kinds of strange noises (moans, half-cries, frantic sucking, frustration?), and spit the pacifier out. Daddy put it right back in, over and over again. Baby eventually realized he was getting a fake nipple and emphatically protested. First pacifier adventure was a definite failure.


Herbals and breastfeeding.
A guide to popular herbs and their potential risk to nurslings. See also Is this herb safe for nursing moms? an alphabetized listing of herbs and remedies. An article on herbs and breastfeeding. Also breast milk interaction charts. And from La Leche League: Sage advice on herbs and breastfeeding.

Mommy just wanted to have a cup of tea and wondered whether it was safe for the baby. Are we better informed now? It doesn't really feel like we are.

Maybe it's just my imagination, but I've noticed that babies are very popular on TV these days.

Witness The X Files, Friends, Angel, Once and Again, even Providence. Right now my favorite show is 24, and but I don't believe we'll be seeing babies there ever.


Our first three weeks with Benjamin in pictures.

I am really sorry I haven't been able to keep this blog updated as I wanted, but I hope this pictorial will be of everyone's liking.