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July 2001 Archive


Don't blame the pacifier.
Babies do not stop breastfeeding early simply because of the use of pacifiers, researchers say. But frequent pacifier use as well as early weaning do point to breastfeeding problems. These problems can have negative implications for the baby, both nutritionally and emotionally.


Breast-feeders deserve a tax break!
Because breast-fed infants are less likely to require prescription drugs, hospitalizations and physician office visits, it is estimated that breast-feeding an infant saves more than $1,000 a year in medical costs. Who could argue with a strategy designed to both conserve the healthcare dollar and improve public health? The Internal Revenue Service, apparently.
As more working parents tote tots, hotels are rushing to cater to kids.
Much of the boom in business-class kids can be credited to the rise in dual-income families, and to parents with heavier workloads. Loath to leave tots at home, moms and dads are taking them on the road.
We're back from vacation.
Wow, I haven't updated this website in three weeks, but now everything will get back to normal as our long, well-deserved, and great vacation has ended.

We were very happy to spend time with our big family and share with them our baby's first kicks inside Mommy's tummy, and to let them see her grow for a full month. Well, back to the grind...



At 18 weeks and 2 days, today Mommy felt a strange sensation for a very short while. We've been speculating all morning whether it was our baby moving in her tummy, or just the after-effects of all those quesadillas she ate last night. Anyway, we have grins from ear to ear.


Examining how babies sleep.
A reassuring book (Sleeping Like a Baby: A Sensitive and Sensible Approach to Solving Your Child's Sleep Problems, by Avi Sadeh) describes the sleep problems of infants, dispels myths about their cause, offers interesting facts and outlines treatment possibilities.

Among other things they recommend that parents "should foster the bond between the child and the father", as this greatly helps in preventing a child's sleep difficulties. Mh, great excuse for Mommy.


Enjoying our vacation, and our family. Lot's of kids around, plenty of fun, and noise, and laughs. We're in heaven.

The partner's role in childbirth.
As opposed to years past, when he could be found pacing in the waiting room or down at the local bar nervously awaiting the blessed news, today?s new dad is in the thick of the action ? and often directing it.

You can sure bet that this daddy will be there actively participating in delivering our first baby