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June 2002 Archive


Benjamin has been christened.
He and six other children and related parties were in a tiny chapel where the AC just didn't work. We were melting.

Still it was a lot of fun. Ben tried to eat the priest's hands everytime he came around to annoint him, and Nicole (Ben's cousin) tried comforting a little girl that was crying, and went up and down telling everyone present about this girl in distress.

Afterwards we all went to Rebeca's to celebrate, had a very nice meal, music, pool, etc.


Six-month-old pictures.
I hadn't posted photos of Benjamin in a long time, so here are five for your enjoyment.


6-month checkup.

Baby in good health, still over 90th percentile for weight, height and head measurement, although he's not gaining as much weight now as before.

Poor Benjamin received another series of shots that are so painful. Still he seems to have much better control of himself now forgetting the pain much quicker than before. Next visit is at nine months, and thankfully he won't be getting any shots then.

Punk Rock Baby is a collection of punk classics in a lullaby style.


Back in town

We just came back from a week-long trip to beautiful Victoria, BC in Canada. Our baby just became six months old and he's the NAFTA baby, having been to the three North-America countries, seen two oceans (Atlantic and Pacific), hiked on a forest, seen Orcas and six airports and made dozens of new friends on the streets. Some adventurer he is becoming.

After the painful descent into the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on our way out, we bought a set of earplanes and boy, the do seem to work! Our baby did not complain again on any of the five flights he's been in since. Well he did, but it wasn't pain, he was just fed up with airplanes and airports.

And trying to entertain himself in all those airports, he did a lot of flirting. In Seattle he was very interested in a 3-month-old baby girl, eating her feet and just slobbering all over her. In the twin cities he started to smile and make really loud noises until a blond girl a few feet away finally noticed him and smiled back. He seems to be a natural.


Funny, they didn't consult with our baby for tips on this "Guide to flirting".

This is Ben's way: make eye contact, immediately start goo-ing and gaah-ing loudly, then suddenly and simultaneously make wet razzling sound, jerk your arms up and down and rythmically kick with both legs.


Research supports repeat caesareans.
Another caesarean section is the safest childbirth method for women who have already had a surgical delivery, although the risks from a vaginal delivery after caesarean are lower than previously thought.


Before today, the only real "pain" Benjamin had experienced was at the hands of nurses with syringes. Ok, maybe from having gases too.

A little while ago he was sitting, like he likes to do so frequently now on the floor. All of a sudden he pulled backwards, but the Boppy wasn't there. His head hit the floor with a loud "thump". Ouch.

He cried for a little while, but we got outside and he magically forgot all his troubles. No, there's no bump on his head, he's alright.

Babies can put shows in the pink.
Birth ranks right up there with weddings as a dependable ratings booster.

Ha! I made an observation here a few months ago about this. And I should notice that in that note I doubted we would ever see a baby in the TV show 24. We didn't, but Terri is (or was?) supposed to be pregnant.

Anxiety during pregnancy linked to behavioural problems in children.