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May 2002 Archive


Stop Disney and the entertainment industry from trampling your rights.


¡Felicidades Familia Geek!
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Warns: Pools are not the only drowning danger at home for kids.
About one-third as many children drown from other hazards around the home as do in pools. Prevention tips.


Women who delay having babies to finish their educations and establish their careers risk eventual genetic "extinction".



One unfortunate result of introducing food solids to our baby has been his apparent inability to "dispose" of them. He went for days without pooping.

So we cut down on rice cereal and tried to give him prunes (which he does NOT like) and apple-prune juice. That didn't seem to help, until we finally decided to try a glycerin suppository. The desired effect took only an instant, and out came days of stored solids, in all their aromatic glory.

On the plus side, Ben --and us-- feel a lot better now. And as much as Ben hates prunes (oops, it looks like we went overboard with them...), he absolutely adores peas, and carrots too.


Poo and puke make science palatable.
In the continued effort to boost children's interest in science, the museum is resorting to the oldest trick in the book: exploiting their fascination with bodily functions.


Virtual reality lets parents "touch" fetus in womb.
Parents-to-be can now "feel" a baby in the womb with the aid of a computer system that converts ultrasound images into a tactile virtual picture.

Cool. Not really practical tho, so I doubt these will be at your local OB-GYN anytime soon.


Happy day Mommy!


Felíz día de las Madres

Its Mother's Day in México today. Here in the US we have to wait 'til Sunday.


Repeat after me: Never give baby a piece of paper to entertain him/herself. All together now...
Children who learn to play an instrument may reap their real rewards when they grow old.
Memory begins to fade as the patients slide toward that dark abyss, but the last thing that goes --the last bit of memory-- is their ability to remember music.


Study bolsters link between breast-feeding, intelligence.
In the study of 3,253 Danish men and women, the more babies were breast-fed through nine months of age, the higher they scored on intelligence tests in their late teens and 20s. Breast-feeding past nine months had no additional effect on scores.


Today for the first time, our baby ate something different from his mother's milk.

In the last few days he seemed to be a little "unsatisfied" and was hungry more frequently so we decided it was time to let him try a different type of food. So we gave him rice cereal with milk.

Did he like it? Oh yeah, he almost ate the plate and spoon too. Now we're waiting for the changes in poop texture and aroma...


Baby elephant celebrates 1st birthday.
Out of town (Apr 25 - May 2).

The first official trip for Benjamin, and first time in an airplane. Surprisingly, Ben behaved very well. Take-offs and landings did not seem to affect him much (except the landing in Houston on the way back --which was torture).

Ben enjoyed Mexico City quite a bit. He met Grandpa D, Great-Grandma D and MJ, and also got to see a lot of people that tried to talk to him in many different languages. He seemed to enjoy all the noise and color and new experiences of the city. He's becoming quite the cosmopolitan boy, as well as a flirt.

But now we're back home, in detox mode. Smog levels in Mexico City are very high, and the air was dry, this bothered us and our baby quite a bit. It was overall an exciting trip and only the first of many to come in the following months and years...

A second tooth is out.