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November 2001 Archive


Baby was kicking daddy this morning.

Apparently the kid thinks I take up too much room in my own bed. I can't wait for him to be born so I can face him and tell him a few things...


We've completed 39 weeks, it could happen any time now.

In the last few days Mommy has become increasingly impatient, and uncomfortable. The weather, which to daddy has been paradise-like, is way too hot for Mommy. Her ankles, wrists and hands have started to swell, and when the baby starts moving and kicking inside her, it seems less fun every time.

On another note, we're absolutely amazed and delighted to see everyone around us share our excitement. Family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and even the postman and construction workers outside our apartment are all baby-crazy these days. We must be the luckiest and most supported parents-to-be in the world.

Melinda's latest entry: babies can build cities is so funny. I hope it makes you laugh as much as it did me.


I was one of those who wondered whether Flight 93 on Sept. 11 had really been shot down. The evidence from the plane's black box has been revealed, and now I'm a believer.

Maybe the families of these passengers should all receive a medal. The passengers were true heroes.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Declaration of the Rights of the Child.


Fatherhood: a survival guide.
This is the gloomiest scenario, but it is much better to be prepared for the worst.
Push and pull.
The only "right way" to give birth is successfully. The author chose to put her faith not in nature but in her ob-gyn, who knows all about nature's lack of concern for our happiness.
The November issue of Scientific American has a very interesing article that -sadly- is not online. It's titled "The evolution of human birth".

I found the article fascinating and learned quite a few things. If you can get your hands on a copy of this issue, I recommend you read it. By now the December issue should be hitting the newsstands. That one is always good also, with their usual recommendations of books and technological and educational toys for the holidays.


Visited the doctor today

Last time the doctor took a measurement a little bigger than normal, so this time we had a sonogram to try to calculate the child's size and weight. They took measurements of the femur, stomach, head, and came up with an estimate of about 6 Lb 14 Oz, with a little less than 3 weeks to go.

We could also see our baby's face --barely as he had his hands out in front, but we could easily identify his eyes and nose and cheeks. I don't know why, but I felt really proud.

We were so happy to see him on the screen, and that he has all his parts as it should be and not three heads or something. Mommy was also relieved to hear he doesn't appear to be too big.


Forget Store Windows: Web Wares Beckon.
[NYT free registration Required] In the past, if holiday shopping brought to mind one thing, it was frustration. A number of specialty sites on the Web have just the right gift.

Excellent guide if you're planning to empty your wallet online this holiday season.


Superfecundation should be impossible -- but an Italian woman who is currently due to give birth to a baby girl will return three months later to have triplets.
via SciTech Daily.


The first American medical man to write a pediatric guide had some unusual advice for expectant mothers.

Warning, some may find this offensive.


Baby Buggy is a non-profit service dedicated to collecting and distributing outgrown baby gear and clothing to families in need.
Many days without posting

We've been extremely busy: Moving to a new apartment and hosting our 6th annual Day of the Dead party.

Finally we're returning to normal, getting settled in the new place. At last I put together the new crib, and we also have a car seat to install. This is our final week of "pre-term", so from now on we'll be very alert to any signs. This is exciting!

My current (computer) desktop:
Mommy was asleep at 34 weeks and Daddy can be sneaky with the camera