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November 2002 Archive


Immunity's pregnant pause.
According to some experts, infertility, recurrent miscarriage, premature delivery and a dangerous complication of pregnancy called pre-eclampsia may all, in some cases, be linked to immunological abnormalities. If we can understand why a woman's body does not reject her fetus, it could help us to treat infertility and prevent problems in pregnancy.


Back from our Thanksgiving trip.
Yeah, we were early by one week, so sue us.
We spent a week in Northwest Arkansas, where we visited family, went out to parks, movies, the Terra Studios and even the doctor.

Yes, as soon as we got there, Benjamin came down with a terrible cold that wouldn't let him breathe, sleep, eat. Poor baby had a fever and was very upset. Meaning we and Gma didn't sleep much either. He was himself again on the trip back, when he was flirting with a 4-year-old girl at the airport.


TIME magazine: Inside the womb.
What scientists have learned about those amazing first nine months -- and what it means for mothers.
Fascinating, and long article. For this one it surely would be better to simply go buy a print copy of the magazine, at least for the photos.


Study suggests motherhood makes women smarter and may help prevent dementia in old age. "Nature seems to provide the mother with a boost to enable her to care, long term, for the most important and costly genetic and metabolic investment she will ever make -- her offspring."


Neuros MP3 Digital Audio Computer.
Daddy wants! Do I hear Xmas bells? tsk, tsk...


It was pure magic.
When he dares to take a couple of steps by himself, Benjamin prefers to go to Mommy. Yesterday he was just standing and holding on to his high chair when he decided to let go and walk towards me for a change. He took three or four steps and landed in my arms.

When I saw him coming, I tried to act like it was not that important. But when I finally had him in my arms I felt like a million bucks.

Why is it that when he does something so basic (as walking) he also makes daddy so proud?


Any day now...
Several times today Benjamin took a couple of steps without support towards Mommy and once to Daddy. He won't try to go longer and quickly dismisses us when we try to encourage him to walk. We'll have to pay close attention the next few days, as it seems that he's very ready to start walking.

He also added a couple of words to his vocabulary: Baby (in english) and... caca. This last one he used today once, just before he delivered his very powerful load of... caca.


Benjamin's Halloween.
With great love and anticipation Mommy made the perfect Bam-Bam (from the Flintstones) costume for Benjamin. The weather had been perfect here in town. Until Halloween night that is.

It was the first cold day of the season, down into the 30's. So the rather "light" costume was not going to be appropriate. Mommy went out in a hurry to find something warmer.

In a flash, Benjamin went from terrible caveman, to sweet and tame... little lamb. But still, the baby -and us had lots of fun. Oh, and here's a pictorial for the month that just ended: BIT Oct.2002 (117 Kb JPEG).

Wait! I forgot to mention that after trick-or-treat-ing, he actually took one step, then stopped, realized he wasn't holding on to anything, and then flexed his knees to sit on the floor.