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October 2002 Archive


Becoming Human.
Well, this is not exactly baby-related, but a very interesting and well done website exploring evolution. Requires Flash and a broadband connection.


Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing.
Some parents-to-be have gone so far into the realm of baby-obsession they have lost track of the real, adult world. Their view is so skewed their only concerns are a) making their child "unique" and b) trying to keep the kid from being teased, often with terrible results.


Benjamin stood by himself for about a minute today, with no additional support. He's much more stable when walking while holding himself with one hand, and is in general communicating a lot better: nodding, pointing to things, rejecting something we're trying to give him, etc.


Thirteen eleventh hour Halloween getups.
It happens every year. You get these wildly ambitious ideas about making a costume, forget to buy anything, wait until the last minute, then wind up scrambling.
Mike's Farm [Beware audio and falling leaves!]
This past weekend we visited the farm and enjoyed it very much. Benjamin liked the hay ride and the tractor even more than petting the animals or finding pumpkins in the field.


Tom Arma's "please save the animals"
Nice collection of baby photography. The section for stock photography looks like it could also inspire some ideas...


I used to believe...
A collection of ideas that adults thought were true when they were children.


First concert: Ralph's World.
Last night the fun singer came to town. Benjamin, and many other kids, were there to watch, sing and dance, and goof and run around and just have a good time. We did too.
At first Benjamin was a little overwhelmed, the music was really loud, tons of kids he didn't know, etc. After several minutes he was feeling more comfortable and started interacting with other kids, moving around and trying to get on stage. At the end, of course, Benjamin bought a CD autographed by Ralph himself.