<% Response.Expires = 0 sScriptName = Request.ServerVariables("Script_Name") Rem ** Edit directory for this slideshow sPicDir = "." sPgTitle = "Hurricane Isabel. September 2003." Rem ** Edit this number for each slide show iImgTot = 14 sImgNum = Request.QueryString("img") if 0 = len(sImgNum) then iImgNum = 1 else iImgNum = CInt(sImgNum) if iImgNum < 1 then iImgNum = iImgTot if iImgNum > iImgTot then iImgNum = 1 Rem ** Pic size. If variable or unknown make sPicSize = "" sPicSize = " width=""400""" & " height=""300""" if iImgNum=8 then sPicSize = " width=""300""" & " height=""400""" if iImgNum=14 then sPicSize = " width=""320""" & " height=""240""" Rem ** Picture file names array Dim sPicName(14),sTitle(14),sCaption(14) sPicName(1)="p9162332.jpg" sTitle(1) = "House prepared for hurricane" sCaption(1) = "One of the houses on Front St. that we like to call ours (wishful thinking of course) was all boarded up and ready the day before Isabel came." sPicName(2)="p9172335.jpg" sTitle(2) = "Storm chasers ABC action news of Florida" sCaption(2) = "The TV crews came to town before hurricane Isabel hoping to find headline stories." sPicName(3)="p9172337.jpg" sTitle(3) = "Clawson's restaurant shows its hurricane history" sCaption(3) = """Life was swell before Isabel"" is the latest hurricane in the scoreboard for this Beaufort restaurant." sPicName(4)="p9182338.jpg" sTitle(4) = "After power outage during storm, Mommy and Benjamin read a book" sCaption(4) = "We opened the shutters by our door when the wind was blowing from the opposite side of the building" sPicName(5)="p9182342.jpg" sTitle(5) = "Windows and shutters were destroyed by tree" sCaption(5) = "Broken window on the apartment directly above ours." sPicName(6)="p9182343.jpg" sTitle(6) = "Ex-arbolito frondoso" sCaption(6) = "The tree slammed our wall next to window several times during the storm before breaking." sPicName(7)="p9182344.jpg" sTitle(7) = "Mommy and Benjamin examine broken tree" sCaption(7) = "He won't be outside our dining table window anymore with birds and squirrels saying good morning or good night to Benjamin every day." sPicName(8)="p9182345.jpg" sTitle(8) = "Flooding at the end of Ann St." sCaption(8) = "Access to the Beaufort Inn hotel was covered with about a foot of water. Not too bad." sPicName(9)="p9182346.jpg" sTitle(9) = "Pickup truck smashed by tree branch" sCaption(9) = "The (ex)tree to the left lost its top during the storm. It hit the roof of the pickup truck breaking the rear window and then landed in front of it." sPicName(10)="p9182348.jpg" sTitle(10) = "Fallen pecan tree" sCaption(10) = "In a house across the street from us." sPicName(11)="p9182349.jpg" sTitle(11) = "Bent light post by building on the Beaufort waterfront" sCaption(11) = "This is interesting because the wind didn't blow in that direction." sPicName(12)="p9182350.jpg" sTitle(12) = "A boat refuge becomes refugee" sCaption(12) = "Dock on the east side of Front St. Beaufort was encircled by the rising waters of the storm. This is almost four hours after the high tide." sPicName(13)="p9182351.jpg" sTitle(13) = "Damaged gas station" sCaption(13) = "Ironically the yellow sign reads: ""Wave of change coming soon""." sPicName(14)="p9182352.jpg" sTitle(14) = "The wrong footware. Or ""kids, don't try this at home""" sCaption(14) = "I shouldn't have used these to go out right after the storm into muddy waters. There's a hight risk of sharp objects and creepy crawlers." %> (<% Response.Write (iImgNum & " of " & iImgTot) %>): <% = sPgTitle %> <% Response.Write "

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