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April 2003 Archive


What kind of brain do you have?
There really are big differences between the male and female brain, and they could help explain conditions such as autism.
You can also take a test to figure out what kind of brain you have.


And now (at long last) 20 pictures of Benjamin during the last four months.


You're mostly a monkey.
Eloquent explanation of how we can be so different from other primates despite sharing 99% of their genetic material.

2003-04-11 lists coupon and promotional codes for online retailers.


Benjamin Knievel (Not a baby anymore)

Something clicked inside our baby's brain and suddenly, he can drive his tricycle like the most expert biker. When he played with it, we always had to bend and steer it so that we would actually go someplace. Benjamin used to just sit there.

Today is a new day. He saw the mud puddle, and instinctively knew what to do: drive right through the middle. He then realized he was in control, and decided to go all around the lot, then around the building, and then around the block. He drove around cars and around trees, he got on the sidewalk and off. He tried to go on the street and when I wouldn't let him, he simply turned and drove in another direction. He drove for a full hour with little assistance (manily to deal with not-so-obvious obstacles).

I was so impressed, and proud, that I simply kept on pushing (he can't reach the pedals yet) and enjoyed the moment as much as him, if not more.

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