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Two weeks with Sarah Isabel

A few recent photos for your enjoyment.


Sarah Isabel

It is with the greatest joy that we announce the arrival of our baby girl into the world today.
Both Mommy and baby are healthy and happy to finally see each other's faces, and touch each other, and love each other.

Baby's weight: 7 Lb 3.5 Oz. Lenght: 20 in. It was a C-section. When the baby came out, we realized that she had been playing a little too much with her umbilical cord: it was twice going around her neck.

See a few more photos.


Almost ready to pop

Still a couple of weeks before the due date. And here for all those of you who asked: a few pictures of a pregnant Mommy. Enjoy!


New favorite activity

Now that friend/neighbor Ever (in the orange car) introduced our son to these toy cars, what does Benjamin want to do from dawn 'til dusk, rain or shine?
Drive! of course. This morning he pulled me away from the computer, he took off my reading classes, took me to his room to take off his pajamas and put on some clothes, he gave me my hat and said: Afuera! Coche policía



Pictures for the month of March

A few pictures of the last couple of weekends and more.


Girl without a doubt

The OB-GYN ordered this ultrasound after our last visit since Mommy was measuring "a little big" for this stage in the pregnancy. The examination found everything fine and dandy, estimating baby's weight right smack where it should be at 28 weeks (50th percentile). This time we could much more clearly see her face/profile and, she is most definitely a girl.



Benjamin will have sister!


Snowman in New York.


Happy 2nd birthday Benjamin

Benjamin blows his 2-yr-old candles.


Ultrasound picture at 10 weeks.
So beautiful already.



7 pictures.


Hurricane Isabel Pics

Well these photos are not of the storm, but of its effects in our town.


Kid fun ends painfully

I present you with a small video clip (600Kb Windows Media) of Benjamin playing with friend Spencer a couple of weeks ago.


Summer 2003

Go see them here.


Bow before me, for I am the epitome of Cool.


With Mom watching the fireworks.


Big smile from a goofy kid.


With best pal (fla)mingo.


Playing in mud is a favorite passtime.


Caught eating dirt during our Mother's day camping trip.


With sand all over my face.


Wearing Mommy's hat.


It's not easy being cute.


Serious, for a second or two.


And now (at long last) 20 pictures of Benjamin during the last four months.


Driving tricycle around town.


Out for a walk on front street.


Enjoying a little sunshine and walking outside.
Abaniquito que dá vueltas con los colores del arcoiris.


I can walk! Mommy try and catch me... if you can.


To the park whatever the weather. Who cares if it's cold, or if I'm sick? I have to go out!


Benjamin's Halloween.
With great love and anticipation Mommy made the perfect Bam-Bam (from the Flintstones) costume for Benjamin. The weather had been perfect here in town. Until Halloween night that is.

It was the first cold day of the season, down into the 30's. So the rather "light" costume was not going to be appropriate. Mommy went out in a hurry to find something warmer.

In a flash, Benjamin went from terrible caveman, to sweet and tame... little lamb. But still, the baby -and us had lots of fun. Oh, and here's a pictorial for the month that just ended: BIT Oct.2002 (117 Kb JPEG).

Wait! I forgot to mention that after trick-or-treat-ing, he actually took one step, then stopped, realized he wasn't holding on to anything, and then flexed his knees to sit on the floor.


Is he Bam-Bam or just Bah-Bah?


Mike's Farm. Say, this pumpkin would make a good jack-o-lantern.


At the park Benjamin enjoyed the swing and slides. But only here, as the face of the astronaut, he would stop for a photo.


Nose dive (or first boo-boo).
You would think that's something an airplane would do. But not in this case.
The other night our son -while experimenting with ways to get off the bed without a parachute- found out how it feels to suddenly and unexpectedly find the floor, nose first. Here's a graphic composition (56 Kb) demonstrating the results of this experiment.

You'll see that in one of the pictures his nose was barely red (this 10 hours after his fall), then later it was much more noticeable. Now the ugly scrape is the first thing you can see. We decided against showing this in the photo linked above, but you can imagine it.

Coincidentally, the very next afternoon he had his nine month checkup, so we asked the doctor to thoroughly examine our baby to make sure he was Ok. Doctor said that everything was fine and that Benjamin was very healthy. Thank God. He weighed 22 Lb and 12.5 Oz at 29 3/4 inches tall.

The doctor also mentioned something we had heard from many other experienced parents: all kids fall from the bed. Well, this really doesn't make it any easier, nor does it help in any way to prepare you for this event, because even "knowing" that it would happen it's still sad and traumatic, and the feelings of guilt, impotence and pain are too intense for our little parental hearts. Boo hoo, sob...

Benjamin takes it all like a real champ, he only makes a little facial gesture indicating that something on his nose is bothering him. But then we went to the beach and he had the best time there.

We're deeply in love with our son.


Nice day at the beach. Benjamin had lots of fun splasing, eating sand and laughing while watching Mom ride the waves.


A beautiful day to play ball outside with Mom.


Licking water from the post, during tropical storm Gustav.


Six-month-old pictures.
I hadn't posted photos of Benjamin in a long time, so here are five for your enjoyment.


Mother's Day 2002



I just had to post a picture of Ben.


He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!
Some more pictures of our wonderful little person, who is now three and a half months old. BIT's 3.5rd month.


One year ago an amazing race took place. Thousands of microscopic beings entered a very tough competition in which only one would survive. The very best among them claimed the coveted prize.

Oh, by the way, the result of that race is three months old now and here are a few recent pictures. Enjoy.


Our son is two whole months old now. Time to share a few recent pictures of him, and us.


Benjamin goes to Hollywood.
Here's a QuickTime movie (30+ secs, 7.5 Mb) of our baby, sneezing, fussing, smiling.


Our first three weeks with Benjamin in pictures.

I am really sorry I haven't been able to keep this blog updated as I wanted, but I hope this pictorial will be of everyone's liking.


Introducing Benjamin Ian.
Our baby finally arrived in this world last night and he's already the talk of the town. Healthy and beautiful he weighed 9 Lb. 15.5 Oz and measured 22 inches. With that size, of course it wasn't a natural delivery.

It was a long weekend, but our bundle of joy has already made us the proudest new parents in the world. Meet Benjamin Ian.


One day past due...


My current computer desktop.


The local Baby Shower.

No doubt our baby has an angel or good fairy looking out for him, and so many great friends that brought great presents for him. Thank you so much all.


Our first baby shower.

A million thanks to all those who came, to those who helped organize, and special thanks to Jim & Deena for hosting the event and us. The presents were very cool. Our baby will be even happier thanks to y'all.


Mommy keeps on growing.
Lately her hands tend to swell a little bit. For this picture, Daddy had to wear her wedding ring while baby entertained us with his nightly pirouettes.


Pregnant six months at sunset.
Aren't they beautiful?


Ultrasound Pictures.
As promised last week, here are nine images of our baby at 22 weeks.

In many cases we had to wait for the doctor to explain what we were supposed to be seeing. It's hard (for the untrained eye) to make out body parts, so the pictures are labeled. Enjoy.

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