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April 2004 Archive


Benjamin's old man

So, today I wake up, and it's a beautiful spring day. I take a quick shower and get Benjamin ready too. Before heading out to conquer the world, I look in the mirror and like what I see. We stop at a store of office supplies to buy some printer paper, so we take it and get ready to leave.

The cashier melts when she sees Benjamin: Oh my God he's so cute! What a handsome young man! He's adorable!… Is he your grandson?

The skies became cloudy instantly. I felt tired. All of a sudden I couldn't see clearly like I used to. Conquer the world? Ah, to be young and stupid.



For the first time Benjamin "went" in the potty today.


New favorite activity

Now that friend/neighbor Ever (in the orange car) introduced our son to these toy cars, what does Benjamin want to do from dawn 'til dusk, rain or shine?
Drive! of course. This morning he pulled me away from the computer, he took off my reading classes, took me to his room to take off his pajamas and put on some clothes, he gave me my hat and said: Afuera! Coche policía

Photo of Benjamin and Ever driving


Time magazine

The new Family album: More parents are using online blogs to share photos, memories, gripes and advice with friends--and strangers.
The article in the April 12 issue (available today) mentions this blog among others. Another article of interest in the same issue "takes a hard look at sibling inequality". The scientist interviewed goes as far as advising: "don't have more than two kids", and addresses several questions/issues that have crossed our parental minds recently as we near the arrival of our second child, such as loving children equally, favoritism and birth-order theories.

We of course worry about how Benjamin will react to having to share our love and affection, and we keep reminding ourselves that we have to pay special attention to avoid making him feel displaced or excluded.


Mommy Ph.D.

Yay! She did it! Hurray! How we love her!
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