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April 2005 Archive


Some pics

Head on to Flickr for a few recent (of today) pics.

Sarah wants to walk, so she has new shoes (maybe we should be spending on something to relieve our lower-back instead). Oh, and she really will let you know when something is not of her liking... The Force is strong with this one. As you can see on one of the pics, her teeth finally came.

Benjamin is so happy that the weather is finally good enough to spend all day outside. He drove his tricycle all over the island, all day, all weekend. And just today, he appears to have made the switch back to English! Er, I guess I didn't tell you about this one yet: for the last couple of weeks (or more) he refused to say anything in English to anyone, teacher, friends, care-giver, noone. They would talk to him, and he would answer in Spanish only. I don't know whether he was experimenting, telling the languages apart, or just playing with the patience of us all, but his language barrier seems to have been dropped today.

This site is up for renewal in about a month. By looking at the previous post's date, you'll notice I haven't been updating this lately. So, at the moment I don't know if I'll be renewing the site. If I can find the time again to be able to update it regularly then I'll keep it, otherwise, it'll be time to backup 4 years of posts (yes, that long), and wrap it up. We'll see soon enough.

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