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Benjamin & Sarah's Babyblog is a collection of notes on our children's development and experiences as well as occassional links to information on the Web of personal interest as a parent.

August 2003 Archive


ePregnancy magazine article

I now have my copy of the September issue of ePregnancy magazine, in which—among several other babyblogs—this one is briefly mentioned/quoted. It is a good little article titled "Look who's blogging" by Sandra Boncek Hume.

I notice that other than the URLs for blogging services, the only Web address that appears in the print article is this one ( So, for interested readers, I offer you links to other babyblogs (most of which were not mentioned in the article):


Surf the Net with kids.

A guide to the hidden educational gems of the Web, written for kids, parents and teachers by syndicated columnist Barbara J Feldman.


When to call the baby's doctor.

When it doubt, make the call. Better safe than sorry.

2003-08-12 humor archive.
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Bedwetting could be linked to breathing problems.

How breathing problems and bedwetting are linked is still unclear.

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