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December 2003 Archive



Mommy felt the first kicks inside her belly today!


Merry Xmas

When Benjamin woke up, we invited him to come and see what Santa had brought for him. He first (and immediately) discovered his "Thomas the Engine." train-set and table.

Nothing else mattered for days. Other new toys? they are a only minor distraction. Thomas rules.


Happy 2nd birthday Benjamin

Benjamin blows his candles


A new way (for me) to fold clothes.
No I can spend a little less time in this activity I don't like.


Could it be?

From the first moment, I was convinced that the baby we're expecting would be a boy. After all, my brothers and I have had seven boys. Only boys. But now I'm starting to entertain the idea that we could have a girl on the way.
Why? Well, the chain of boys has to end at one point or another, and while Mommy says she'd like another male because she likes Benjamin so much, everyone else keeps telling us how cool it would be if we had a girl now that we already have the boy. Then, there's the effects this pregnancy is having on Mommy…

Yes, she's being put to the test, feeling tired and sick all of the time. During Benjamin's pregnancy she was also tired and wanting to sleep very frequently all through the first trimester, but not like this. Hopefully this too will pass by the time we get into the second trimester, very soon now.

We still have to wait for week 20 for the ultrasound test when the Doctor could confirm whether we are expecting a girl or not.


Daddy just let Benjamin taste his eggnogg. Benjamin would not put it down, and drank the entire glass. When he was done, Daddy asked him if he liked it, and he very matter of factly said, "No."
These days, he seems to want to eat whatever I try to put in my mouth: cereal, sandwiches, ice cream, quesadillas and salsa, etc. At first I was proud of my son's excellent taste, but now I realize that I've remained hungry quite a few times so that the little one can have my food.
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