Mommy and Daddy were once babies too
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February 2003 Archive


I forgot to mention Artes del Sol...
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How's that for a shameless plug?

TV watching does influence babies' behavior.
Babies are not just passing idle time when they stare goggle-eyed at the television -- they are actually learning about the world.
Benjamin does watch a little TV. He likes The Wiggles, Bear in the Big Blue House and sometimes Pooh and... the Local CNN Headline News because he recognizes the anchor, but his all-time favorite is the Baby Dolittle video from Baby Einstein.


Thank God I didn't blog Benjamin's whole birthing process live, like these guys did.
I had a laptop, and as soon as I could I made the announcement here from the hospital. But the whole thing was just too long and tiring, and... Mommy would have killed me had I taken my attention away from her for an instant.


Benjamin, the outdoor baby

Almost daily (weather permitting), we make sure that our baby spends some time outside. In the last several days he wants to spend all the time that he is awake outside, pointing to cars as they go by, and raving about pick-up trucks and Jeeps.

He becomes frustrated if we don't get out quickly, and brings me both his shoes and mine, before he starts pointing to the door and making all kinds of noises to make me drop whatever I'm doing to take him to outdoor heaven.

Could there be something inside our home bothering him? I doubt it. Far more likely is that he simply inherited a gene from some members of daddy's family, or that he is going through a phase of wonder and fascination with the larger, open and beautiful spaces that surround us.

In general, I like this part of his personality. It only bothers me that Benjamin doesn't seem to care whether it's cold, or too windy, or even raining. He wants to get out now! and every now and then daddy feels like staying inside would really be best.


Attention all grownups Your "inner child" has long been waiting for a chance to usurp control of your body and force it to perform certain actions. The time is now at hand. Read and follow the instructions. Do this now.


Benjamin has reached another developmental milestone: territoriality.
When a little friend came over to play, Benjamin really did not want to share his toys- even thought he had not played with several of them in months! This, they say, is normal. We, on the other hand, felt at a loss: how do you get a 14-month old to share? After hiding his favorite new toys (after all, some things should remain his) we gave them each a toy, and split them up. By the end of the day, they were playing chase and peek-a-boo! Whew!


I have to admit I was a little skeptical. When Benjamin got his beautiful table and chairs with animals during Christmas, I believed he would rarely use them, as his mind was completely occupied with his trucks and anything with wheels.
But in the last several days, he's become very fond of sitting there, happily conversing with himself while... he moves his trucks and anything with wheels all over the table.


And the earth shook

Benjamin just let out the loudest, longest, terriblest burp I've heard coming out of his pretty little mouth.
What else is new with him you say? He doesn't seem to want to take his early afternoon nap anymore. But apparently that results in longer hours of sleep at night, so it's not all bad.


Babies' mental delay tied to Moms' vegan diet.
These cases serve as a reminder to parents and pediatricians to ensure that both pregnant women and mothers who breast-feed their infants consume enough B12, either through diet or B12-containing supplements.
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