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February 2004 Archive


Missing Mommy (and the 2003 video)

We can't wait for Mommy to return home later today from her trip.

Oh, and I finally edited the 5+ hours we had worth of video from last year, resulting in a 30 min. movie. I hope to start sending it out today or tomorrow, so if you're in the list, watch your mailbox! (Note: I tried to make a mp4 version of it to post here, but I had to compress it to a tiny 160x120 pixels, bad quality, and it still resulted in a 38 Mb file, so I decided not to do it. Maybe I'll post a trailer?).


She kicked me

Our baby let me feel her kicking inside her the womb, about 6 weeks after the first time Mommy felt her. Many times Mommy had asked me to put my hand on her belly so that I could feel it too, but immediatly the baby would go quiet. She's finally on speaking terms with daddy.

New playgroup and Arts & Crafts class

A few blog-posts ago I mentioned that Story Time at the local library wasn't very promising as a way to find new friends for Benjamin. But only a few more steps down the same street is the Community Center where a play group of many kids in his age-range meet every week, and also he just signed up for an Arts & Crafts class at the same location. Today was his first time there and he liked it. Yeah!


The string bag and octopus guide to parenthood.
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