Mommy and Daddy were once babies too
Benjamin & Sarah's Babyblog is a collection of notes on our children's development and experiences as well as occassional links to information on the Web of personal interest as a parent.

February 2006 Archive


BIT & SIT Update

Sarah is starting to babble sentences (although the only words that are intelligible are Mama, Papa, car, and NO!). She is great at saying "No car Pa!" (no get in the car to pick up papa), "ah, aloo?" (where's the moon?), and, my all time favorite "ah, raaaah / loo- loo" (let's watch Lion King / Jungle Book - the raaah is a lion roaring, the loo-loo is sarah-ese for Baloo, the bear).

Benjamin is still train obsessed, but his obsession now includes owls, and all other kind of nature-y things. He loves to go hiking, and to look at cacti, and to cook. He's quite the little chef, much to my mom-in-law's surprise, and assisted her with her apple cake (which we all ate in less than a day).

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