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January 2003 Archive


Third trimester report.
A (very) detailed account of a natural birth.


Golden Gate Mothers Group: Best (software) picks for starting out.
Is your toddler reaching for the computer, captivated by your moving screensaver or putting her sticky fingers all over your keyboard? If so, maybe your little one is ready to enter the digital age.
Oh yes. Benjamin really likes the optical mouse on daddy's computer. He takes over and moves it about, then he plays with the CD-ROM player opening and closing it again and again. Sometimes he crawls under the desk and pushes a little button, and daddy starts a four letter word (but says no more than the first letter) while his screen goes blank. Benjamin wants the computer for himself.

Mommy found the link above and the following: Fisher Price Computer Learning System, The Learning Co. Reader Rabbit Toddler, and the ELC Baby Keyboard.


More classic kiddie records. Site and recordings have been taken off-line.
"The vast majority of the hundreds of children's records produced over the years never amounted to anything more than silly songs that would bore your average eight year old. But there were a number of exceptions and the following are just a few of my favorites that achieved that special greatness."
The site offers the complete recordings in MP3 format.


The music industry owes you $20.
In September, the five top U.S. distributors of compact discs and three large music retailers agreed to pay $143 million in cash and CDs to settle allegations they cheated consumers by fixing prices. Anyone who bought a CD, cassette tape or vinyl record at a retail store between 1995 and 2000 is eligible. The application window closes March 3. The settlement's website.


Happy new year!

Benjamin is now one year old, and walking, and saying many words, understanding many more, he smiles, laughs, grunts, waves, claps, points, he imitates machine and animal noises. Benjamin is goofy, and cuddly, and intelligent and cute and lovable. A year ago he couldn't move really, or see much, or comprehend anything.

How can 2003 be better than 2002? I don't know yet, but we'll try.

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