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January 2004 Archive



Benjamin will have sister! So to answer my own question, yes!
She is a knock out


More Kicking

Baby kicked his older brother's butt today. Benjamin was sitting on Mommy's lap when baby decided to excercise his/her muscles. Maybe he felt his brother was a little heavy?

Also, we played with a couple of name possibilities, for both boy or girl. I am not too convinced by the names Mommy is considering. We'll see.


No story time?

We came to our first Story-Time at the local branch of NYC's public library, less than a block away.
Benjamin was the only kid his age. Other kids were probably 5-6 or older. Ms. Evelyn read a couple of books and Benjamin was very attentive and participating, then suddenly he simply took off to go around the library, and story time was over. We stayed a while and read several books on our own and played a little. But it doen's look like we'll make many little friends at this library at least.


New Doctor

We had our first visit to the new Ob-Gyn. I liked the doctor. We heard our baby's heart beating, everything seems to be going ok. We have an ultrasound coming up in a couple of weeks.


Moving to New York

Man, I don't like moving. And I sure don't want to drive a monster truck plus car trailer ever again.
And we definitely couldn't have pulled it off without the help of Grandma H. and the Walsh family. And the help of aunt Ficaca to unload the truck. Thank you!.

Getting in and out of gas stations, driving through D.C. during rush hour, and getting to the Big Apple through very narrow streets with that trailer, then finding our way (without low overpasses) to Mommy's new workplace and our new home... Unloading really fast as our arrival in the city got complicated by a family emergency, leaving the country and finally coming back... to 15°F weather. Phew!

But we survived, and we are finally settled in our Casa Nueva, our hear-rate back to normal and ready to take on this new adventure.

Never again!

Once we finally started unpacking, our son was very excited to rediscover all of his toys as they came out of boxes, and also got to finally make the transition to sleep in his brand new cama nueva (& grande) in his own big bedroom, that he'll be sharing in a few months.

Oh, and it was only on the second or third day here when I locked myself out of the apartment, leaving Benjamin alone inside. Our two-year-old wonder boy finally came out looking for me after several minutes, I called from behind the door asking him (pleading really) to open the door, and he did. Good boy!

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