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July 2003 Archive


On TV again

This time it was channel 49, the "Local Headline News", who dedicated a whole segment that played all day, once every hour. Thanks!


Make science toys at home with common household materials, that demonstrate scientific principles.


The U.S. Social Security Administration has a Popular Baby Names research tool, based on the given names of Social Security number holders.
You can search by year of birth, by State, by decade or even see how the popularity of a particular name has changed over the years.

Found the link on the comments of Mark Pilgrim's announcement that Some books don't get read. Congratulations!


We're on TV tonight

This morning I visited WITN-TV studios to be interviewed about this weblog, and it should air tonight.
I don't believe I talked for more than 20 seconds in front of the camera, but hopefully they'll be able to edit a nice piece. we'll see tonight.

To those coming here inspired by what you saw on TV, welcome, and I hope you find something of value in the many links here and in the 2+ year archive. If you need to know more about us, visit my work website, or Mommy's.

This Eye color inheritance chart can be used to determine the possible eye colors of a child. They state also that eye color is not a very reliable or accurate method to use when attempting to determine paternity of a child and that eye color usually starts out much lighter at birth, and becomes its true color in 1 or 2 years after birth. Variations can also occur randomly.
BIT's eyes started out gray, at different points in time they seemed blue, and some other times green. Now they are finally brown, like Mommy's and mine.

GeneTree also offers a free home DNA collection kit and DNA paternity testing services. But a couple of other interesting pages on their site are the blood type calculator and the conception calculator chart.


Day care study revisited. [NPR audio]
Two years ago, a large, government-funded study of daycare garnered extensive attention and triggered worry among parents. The study's preliminary results suggested that children cared for outside of the home are more likely to exhibit aggressive and defiant behaviors. That study's results are now being published for the first time, prompting other researchers to weigh in on the question: Is day care inherently bad for children?


Men have biological clocks too.
Doctors have long known that the older a woman is, the more trouble she will have conceiving. Men can, at least theoretically, father children until they die. But it takes a man five times longer to father a child if he is older than 45.


Creative genius and crime express themselves early in men but both are turned off almost like a tap if a man gets married and has children.
Er, mh, I guess I'm done then. But wait! Benjamin can still do something great, and then, yes, yes, he'll give me credit for his accomplishments. Right?


At Baby Ink, they believe that it?s never too early to start expressing your unique personality through professional, high quality body art (aka Tattoo or body piercing).
Well, I believe what they do shouldn?t be allowed. Mh, or maybe the parents of those young kids should be fined or something for taking them in for a tatoo which?of course?will need a quick and affordable update about every four years until full grown.

These kids are being denied the option of not getting a tatoo once they can decide for themselves.

Update: Mommy discussed this last point with another Mom. She tells me that it?s no different than other parent choices like? circumcision, that kids won?t be able to ?undecide? when they become adults. She?s got a point.


Brain Child: A primer for developing baby's brain.
A guide to what parents and others can do to help a baby's brain make those all-important connections at critical times. It includes tips for reading, vision, balance and motion, touch, movement and coordination, emotion and memory, behavior, language, and the basics of baby interaction (playing, routines, etc.)
A nice article, that could really use the input of an editor with some knowledge about document structure, the use of headlines, subheads, etc.
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