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June 2003 Archive


Home alone

Mommy is away for several days. The first time since Benjamin was born.
BIT and I waved good-bye to her at the airport. Several times throughout the rest of the day, he would start waving and saying bye-bye Mamá.

The realization that she wasn't home came to him at 3 AM this morning when he woke up asking for her, I told him she wasn't home and that she would come back in a few more days. He cried for about a minute and fell back asleep.

When Mommy called on the phone this morning, he talked to her, seemingly aware finally that he can interact over the phone. We both miss Mommy very much.


When dads clean house, it pays off big time.
Dads deserve a day off on Sunday, June 15. But on every other day they should know that when they do housework with their children, their kids turn out to be better adjusted and more socially aware. And, their wives find them more attractive.
Heh, nice try.

We'll be hit by a hurricane this year

But, what's my basis for such an astonishing prediction? Oh it's just a silly idea I got from noticing that right now eastern North Carolina is greener than ever. Ok maybe not "ever" but this is our 8th summer here and I've never seen our surroundings so beautifully green.

It's such an intense, saturated, rich, lush and amazing green that... well, it can't last. So I predict that a big storm will come and beat us bad enough to make all our vegetation go brown, opaque, dull, ugly. It's a fool's game I know, trying to set myself up for disappointment, so I'll shut up now and simply enjoy the great outdoors, like Benjamin does.


Welcome to the world Maya
Congratulations to Sebastian and Meibell.


Thanks to Bob who let me know that this page was mentioned on MSNBC's Weblog central.
However, they incorrectly state that our blog is written by Mommy. She has indeed posted here a few times but, look at the title of your browser folks, what does it say?

Bob asked if I knew of an online timeline tracking a child's development. Here's one. Note that I prefer using the references in a couple of books. The What to expect... series ("when you're expecting", "the first year", "the toddler years"), and better IMO, Caring for your baby and young child. Birth to age 5 from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The books explain that developmental milestones vary a great deal so I wouldn't necessarily rank my child against one of these timelines. In fact, at one point I became an enemy of them as it's very easy to become a little paranoid if they describe something you haven't seen happen yet, or irrationally proud when you think your child achieved something long before (s)he's suppossed to. Then again, the same thing happens as you inevitably compare with other babies that are about the same age as yours.

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