Mommy and Daddy were once babies too
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June 2005 Archive



Taking care of kids normally gets easier as they grow. Benjamin reminds us that while potential troubles are less frequent, they are more serious.

Sunday we went to a park and playground near his school, in Pellham Manor. Benjamin insisted on bringing his bicycle along, so we did, and he played with one of his friends for a while, until... He decided to go out to the sidewalk and pedal downhill. He still didn't know how to brake properly. We heard him yell something, and turned to see him go down fast. Both Mom and I (and Sarah in my arms) immediately took off running after him. Thank God he was able to keep his cool and not go off onto the street and traffic, and wait there until he ran out of down slope and lost his momentum. For a few seconds we were scared sh..less, he too, but that was it. Phew!

And today, he was playing and again went to jump on our bed. He really likes this. Suddenly he bounced backwards, off the bed, slammed on a dresser and fell to the floor between it and the bed. That one did hurt, and scared all of us too. Thankfully it wasn't too hard, and he got away with only a tiny bump on his head.


Happy Birthday Sarah!

Time does fly


Just don't fall Ok?

Benjamin has been on his "big" bed for over a year, and the side railing, the "keep-me from rolling off the bed" thing has now come off.
No, He didn't fall on his first night without this protection. Yes, we did put some pillows to soften the impact just in case.
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