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March 2004 Archive


Pictures for the month of March

A few pictures of the last couple of weekends and more.
With the weather starting to get better, we've been outside: NY Botanical Gardens and their great orchid show, children's garden with rocks, labyrinth, mud; the Greenburgh Nature Center for the maple sugaring party, the woods and animals; the Brooklyn bridge, Grimaldi's pizza, water taxi...


Cool babyblog

The Trixie Update
What's interesting about it is that this guy has out-geeked any other blogging parent out there, with features such as the "Trixie Telemetry" containing charts and statistics of the baby's sleeping, feeding and diaper usage patterns. His use of expertly crafted charts in certain posts hint at his knowledge of infographics. He's definitely raised the bar for parent geeks.

Some visitors to that site have questioned the author's commitment to their baby. I believe this is unwarranted: with the proper setup, all these stat collecting shouldn't really take any significant amount of time away from the baby. And what if one fails to see how all the information is of any practical use? I say let the man be and marvel at his ability to show his creativity and passion.

via Zonageek via Metafilter.


Girl without a doubt

The OB-GYN ordered this ultrasound after our last visit since Mommy was measuring "a little big" for this stage in the pregnancy. The examination found everything fine and dandy, estimating baby's weight right smack where it should be at 28 weeks (50th percentile). This time we could much more clearly see her face/profile and, she is most definitely a girl.
Profile That is NOT a boy


Goodnight… cheese?

Every night, when we turn off the lights at bed time, we go over the day's activities and say goodnight to everyone and everything we saw today. Usually we start by saying "Goodnight lights" and end with "Goodnight Benjamin" to ease the transition into sleeping time. Benjamin has recently begun to add to our list, including his own rendition of the day's highlights. But last night, he actually said goodnight to cheese, in both English and Spanish.


Got the check

from the music industry. Remember a little over a year ago I gave the link right here to where you could make your claim? Today somebody is selling theirs on eBay and will donate the proceeds to the EFF.
Maybe I should do the same?
RIAA check
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