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May 2003 Archive


So, what's up BIT?

Benjamin (as expected) has learned the word NO, and he also knows very well how and when to use it. But last night he woke around 4 AM and did something I don't believe he had achieved: he put three words together. He said Papá má eche, and I ran to get his milk. He drank it and continued sleeping another three or four hours.

He used to be able to say Fish and Pez perfectly, but since uncle Armando visited and taught him differently, he now always says fishy fishy fishy.

Oh and--I don't know where he learned this--when Mom tells him to do as Sergio, he spins around in place with a big grin, just like Sergio. I haven't been able to get this on video because every time I grab the camcorder, Benjamin stops and acts as if nothing was happening. Whether he's becoming camera-shy, or just trying to annoy me, I don't know.


No more biting?

One always notices when things aren't right. It's harder when they are.
So when my son gently bit me last night, he reminded me that he's actually no longer doing it. It's been days, maybe even a couple of weeks, which is interesting because I was complaining about it not that long ago.


Why does it surprise me that there's an agency (ExpectingModels) that "represents models and families who are expecting and nursing"?
It shouldn't, really. BTW, nice portfolio.


Adiós Mamanina

Seguro estás ya en el cielo. Aunque te fuiste sin conocer en persona a mi Benjamín, desde aquí los tres Caterulis te mandamos un besote a donde quiera que estés… ¡Ya te vimos en esa estrella!


Mother's day

We went camping at Carolina Beach State Park south of Wilmington NC with several friends (both Benjamin's and ours).
Our son loved it, bugs and hot-and-cold shower and all. After our first night there, when he woke up in the morning and realized he wasn't home, that instead he was still outdoors, he had the biggest smile on his face.

We'll definitely try this again, hopefully during the fall, when there should be less bugs, and cooler weather.


It had to happen one day

This morning when Benjamin woke up, he turn to me and said Papá, he then turned to Mommy and said chichi. Hee hee.


When I was little. The baby picture project.


Biting baby

Benjamin has been biting in the last several weeks. Sometimes when he gets frustrated or a little anxious, he looks for Mommy or Daddy and bites our hands, shoulders, legs, face… He bites also right before going to sleep at night.
From the very beginning we have been as calmly and firmly as possible letting him know that biting is unacceptable, and trying not to overreact. But it doesn't seem like we're being successful in discouraging this behavior.

Several articles on the Web about this [1, 2, 3…] but all I learn from them is that basically we're already doing all we can do.

So, stick with the plan. Close eyes. Take deep breath. Relax. It shall pass. Relax., the site for the consummate sushi fan.
That would be Mommy
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