Mommy and Daddy were once babies too
Benjamin & Sarah's Babyblog is a collection of notes on our children's development and experiences as well as occassional links to information on the Web of personal interest as a parent.

May 2004 Archive


Almost ready to pop

Still a couple of weeks before the due date. And here for all those of you who asked: a few pictures of a pregnant Mommy. Enjoy!


Names, and more names

The Social Security Administration realeased the list of the most popular baby names for 2003.
Mh. Maybe a couple of possibilities there.


Don't argue with me boy

Of course Benjamin has always had his own opinions about everything, but today he actually used a well reasoned, however short, argument to make his case.
He looked outside the kitchen window this morning to find one of the toy cars he likes driving so much and said: The orange car is not wet, meaning he could actually go outside and play with it. So I answered truthfully: It actually is wet, because it rained last night. To which he immediately answered: But, the parking lot is not wet.

I was caught off-guard for an instant, and had to quickly scan the area to find a tiny little puddle that I could show to prove that it really had rained overnight. I did convince him, and was thankful that I had always told him the truth regardless of whether he understood it or not.

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