Mommy and Daddy were once babies too
Benjamin & Sarah's Babyblog is a collection of notes on our children's development and experiences as well as occassional links to information on the Web of personal interest as a parent.

May 2005 Archive


Sarah walks!

She had to be tricked into thinking she was being supported, but not once, nor twice, three times this evening she took several steps while holding on to nothing.
And to think I had planned to go out for an event all evening. Thank God I decided to go home instead to witness such joyous event.


Benjamin's new bicycle

Boy, did the new toy make him happy! and he knew exactly the bicycle he wanted when we went to the store to buy it. Benjamin then patiently waited while we went to his girl-friend birthday party, then while Daddy put the bike together, until finally he could get out and ride it in the rain with a smile from ear to ear.


The making of an artist

Evolution of Benjamin's drawing abilities
Benjamin drew the self-portraits in the picture. Notice the progress in his drawing abilities from the left: September 2004, then January this year (2005), next February, and the last one on the right is his April version of himself.


Hooked on a monster feeling

Boy tells Benjamin about monsters,
Benjamin has nightmare.
Boy plays song: Hooked on a feeling,
Chorus sings "Ouga Chaka ouga!…"
Benjamin tells boy "they are monsters!"
Boy has nightmare about "Benjamin's monsters."
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