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Benjamin & Sarah's Babyblog is a collection of notes on our children's development and experiences as well as occassional links to information on the Web of personal interest as a parent.

October 2003 Archive


We are expecting…

…that around June next year, Benjamin will become a brother.


There must be a scientific law guaranteeing that bodily functions tickle and fascinate the 8-year-old in all of us.

Mama punto com

Today right before dinner I asked Benjamin to come with me on the car to pick mommy up at her office.
He had learned before to call daddy's home office "", so it must seem logical to him that Mom's workplace shoud be called ""


Just in time for Halloween: Vampire babies!
A one-year-old boy has been bitten 30 times by a group of more than a dozen other babies at a nursery in Croatia.
Parenting Bingo!
via Being Daddy.


The latest favorite video is Dora the Explorer
But I'm not sure he's that interested in what the cartoon has to teach him as much as just watching the trains going "toot-toot" in it.

Anyway, one thing he has learned from it is to imitate a character named Swiper who everytime he appears goes Oh Man!

And I don't know where he picked this one up, but he is also saying: No problem.


How our Children Really Learn (Why They Need To Play More And Memorize Less).
Recommendations for helping children learn. Effective play is the key to improved learning.
Ready to be a parent?
Questions help potential moms, dads decide if the time is right


10 things every new parent needs to know.
via Being Daddy.


A trend for naming children after favourite possessions is accelerating in brand-driven America.
I guess the 24 children that were named Unique can still believe that they are in fact unique. But parents that name their kid Xerox should be reprimanded.

I can understand getting name inspiration from popular culture: movies, books, celebrities, even events. But brands? Please!

via Zonageek


Good Gifts. Gifts that really count.
Yet another chance to do good.
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