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September 2004 Archive


Growth charts

Girls: Birth to 36 months, 2-20 yrs, and Mass index.
Boys: Birth to 36 months, 2-20 yrs, and Mass index.
And more: Percentile calculator, height predictor, Understanding growth charts


We're alive!

I know. Long time no see. Fact is, I had never gone so long without posting anything. So sue me.

But we're back! and to celebrate both Sarah's three months and Benjamin's 1000 days, here are some photos from August and these first days of September.

But what's been going on?

Well, Sarah has been gaining weight fast, she's starting to be more interactive, smiles a lot and seems to like her big brother very much! She's also been fighting that bottle that Dad keeps trying to convince her to take (with real Mommy's milk, of course). But she has to take it, Mommy has to go back to work this week, and there's no way around it.

Benjamin has started going to (nursery) school and seems to like the place and little friends. Every now and then he acts his age: a terrible two. But in general he's just the fantastic boy he's always been. He's recently enjoyed outings to Coney Island and the NY Aquarium, the Children's Museum in Norwalk, Playland and Orchard Beach.

Mommy and Daddy, struggling with child care issues, work schedules, coordinating with neighbors and parents, etc. Other than that, extremely happy to have these two most wonderful children.

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