Mommy and Daddy were once babies too
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June 2004 Archive


New guidelines for treating ear infections. The guidelines stress that about 8 in 10 children with ear infections get better with no antibiotics at all. The AAP release (PDF 673Kb 36 pages).
DaddyTypes is an excellent "weblog for new Dads".
Now that we live in Metropolis, their section "NYC men's room changing tables" should prove useful (not to be confused with the Manhattan restrooms and reviews page).
Parenting and a Career in Coding?. How does a programming career jive with family life?
In my experience, it doesn't.
Breast-feeding statue.


Two weeks with Sarah Isabel

Sarah is doing great, she's gaining weight, eating and sleeping a lot. We've even been able to sleep some, Mommy and I. Mainly I :-}
We're delighted with our girl. Benjamin too. Everyone says that he'll be jealous but it hasn't happened yet. He's in love with his little sister and wants to hug and kiss her all the time. And that's a problem:

Benjamin caught some cold that all his neighbor friends had just in time for the arrival of Sarah into the world. Now we have to deny him the opportunity of getting close to his sister all the time, and the poor little fellow becomes frustrated and cries, but soon he becomes calmer and tries again. Not too long ago he had a mild ear infection too so he's going through a rough period, but always smiles and gets excited when he sees his baby Sarah.

Gma has been helping us tremendously the last couple of weeks. She's been feeding us really well, kept our apartment tidy and spent a lot of time bonding with her new grand-daughter. She goes back home tomorrow. Who will save us now?

Mommy is still recovering from the C-section. She's a lot stronger and mobile now. She even worked for little while on the computer. Sometimes she's half asleep but never fails Sarah with her nourishment, nor Benjamin who always needs his dose of Mommy. Every day I gain more respect for motherhood.

Daddy is the one doing great, heh. I help a little here and a little there, I sleep better than anyone else, and then I complain I don't have enough time to do my work, or to post an update here, or photos. Oh well. Oh, and speaking of photos, here a few recent ones for your enjoyment.


Brother and Sister meet

Benjamin and Sarah mutual love


Sarah Isabel

It is with the greatest joy that we announce the arrival of our baby girl into the world today.
Both Mommy and baby are healthy and happy to finally see each other's faces, and touch each other, and love each other.

Baby's weight: 7 Lb 3.5 Oz. Lenght: 20 in. It was a C-section. When the baby came out, we realized that she had been playing a little too much with her umbilical cord: it was twice going around her neck.

See a few more photos.

Benjamin knows about her sister, only not what it means really. Today his world and ours will be different. It will be more complete. It will be better …and for a few weeks it will be of little sleep!

Daddy too spent a couple of hours talking to, and getting to know the baby. She opened her little eyelids and looked at me cross-eyed. I fell in love with her right there and then.


Life explained.
Recently on MetaFilter a post about home birthing.
There someone made the point that Births have one of the highest profit margins of any hospital procedure. Some OB/GYN doctor apparently even ditched expecting parents after discovering they were going to have the baby at home with a midwife
BloggingBaby is a new, er, company blog (by about babies.
I'll be checking it out for potential good links and stories.

Indirectly, they took me to the toilet training page at the Medical Library of the American Academy of Pediatrics. One of the recommendations there is to delay toilet training in situations such as "expecting a baby". Yeah, that's us.

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